Hot Water Bodies

Directive 92/42/EEC

Directive brief

The purpose of the “Directive 92/42/EEC on efficiency requirements for new hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels” is to increase efficiency of new hot-water boilers fired by liquid or gaseous fuels with a rated output of no less than 4 kW and no more than 400 kW and to prevent environmental pollution. Hot water boilers fired by solid fuels or different fuels, equipment for instantly preparing hot water, and appliances supplying sanitary hot water are not in the scope of this Directive.



According to the Directive, boiler producers must comply with the efficiency requirements at nominal output, at an average boiler-water temperature of 70oC, at 30% partial load and at an average boiler water heat that can change according to the type of the boiler.

The conformity of serial production boilers is certified by assessing the type examination of the boiler efficiency in module B, and based on the declaration of conformity to type in modules C, D or E. In the conformity assessment of the efficiency of boilers fired with gaseous fuels, the conformity assessment procedures laid out in the 90/396/EEC Gas Appliances Directive are used. 

  • A general description of the type,
  • Design and manufacturing drawings and schemes of components, sub-assemblies, circuits, etc.,
  • Descriptions and explanations necessary for the understanding of the drawings and schemes and the operation of the boiler,
  • A list of the harmonised standards applied. Where those harmonised standards have not been applied, descriptions of the solutions adopted to meet the essential requirements,
  • Results of design calculations and examinations,
  • Test reports.




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