Personnel Certification

Personnel certification


Selecting the right organisation or certification body that offers qualitative and credible training and certification services can be a challenge. However, by choosing a certification body, such as EAC, proves that you are in compliance with best practices, up to speed, and trustworthy.

Professionals who pursue an EAC certification credential will benefit from the recognition in domestic and overseas markets. Being accredited by some of the strictest and most reputable accreditation bodies in the world gives us global recognition.

Lead Auditor 

If your career is focused on auditing practices and you want to become qualified to audit organizations’ management systems against the requirements of ISO Management System Standards and you want to assist the organization in further improvements, then the Lead Auditor course is the right option for you.

Lead Auditor courses enable participants to develop the necessary skills for auditing a management system and manage a team of auditors by applying widely recognized audit principle, procedures, and techniques. Based on practical exercises, the participant will develop the abilities (mastering audit techniques) and skills (managing audit teams and audit program, communicating with customers, conflict resolution, etc.,) necessary to the efficient conduct of an audit.

Lead Implementor

Enhance your skills and expertise in Information Security Management System (ISMS) – Lead Implementer courses enable participants to develop skills and support organizations in implementing and managing a management system based on ISO Standards. Lead Implementer courses are consistent with the good practices of project management established in ISO 10006 (Quality Management Systems – Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects) and Integrated Implementation Methodology for Management Systems and Standards (IMS2).

Internal Auditor 

Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value to and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

The fundamental role an internal auditor is to assess risk and how the organization manages risk. To do this, a full internal audit is performed and all processes, systems and internal controls will be thoroughly evaluated. They will collect, analyse and then examine all of the company’s records to see if the company is complying with government regulations. They will also come up with valued-added solutions to mitigate risks or reduce risk management costs.

Certified Professional 

Certified professionals are considered as a strong asset to any organization. Meeting the future needs and expectations is a big challenge for organizations that operate in any industry, especially in today’s increasingly dynamic environment. Thus, in order to accomplish organizational objectives, it is important to understand the necessity of hiring experts on industry specific standards.

By implementing ISO standards, the certified professionals will help organizations to adopt continuous improvement practices and provide them with the essential techniques to ameliorate their working processes. As a result of increased efficiency, all the processes within the organization will be accordingly aligned and understood.

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