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We as an organisation seek to deliver highly recognised and globally accepted certification services. For this purpose, we have tied up with some of the most credible accreditation bodies from the United Kingdom and the world over. Our certification services add worth and value to your organisation so that you may stand apart from the rest of your competition. 

EAC is an approved and authorised partner of ASIB Limited based in the UK. EAC based in UK holds ISO 17021 accreditation with ASIB Limited and has a contract which is supported by strict operating process to ensure that the accreditation requirements imposed on EAC are not breached.

We are continually monitored and evaluated by our accreditors in terms of report reviews, auditor approval and performance, official assessments and witnessing of audits.


Accred Services International Board (Europe) Limited (ASIB) is a versatile accreditation organization offering exemplary service that matches the requirements of the certifier and the certified. We follow strict guidelines with our systems and adapt conditions and vital regulations that on par with the world standards in accreditation process. 

ASIB is an independent organization engaged in offering accreditation and assessment services to certification bodies and training organizations. ASIB aims at working close co-ordination with our similar accreditation bodies that offers planning, implementation and certification for ISO standards. This leads to better recognition of International standards around the world. Following global quality standards in turn helps to foster better trade relations among business community all over the world for mutual benefit. 

ISO Global

Global ISO Register is a non-profit organization, associated and supported by many renowned and notable bodies around the world. Global ISO Register provides a platform to help authenticate and verify general Information of certification bodies and accreditation bodies from around the world. Data on the Register is fully searchable by the name of the organization, geographical area, and standard and / or awarding accreditation body. Once an accreditation body is listed on the Register, it is assured of competency and recognition to required international standards and global acceptance. 

Anti-Bribery Auditors Forum

Anti-Bribery Auditors Forum (ABAF) is an alliance of international business associations, professional institutions, civil society organisations and companies with interests in domestic and international infrastructure, construction and engineering sectors. The Forum’s objective is to help create a business environment that is free from corruption. The forum supports harmonisation of Experts and Auditors Involved in the Assessment of organisations for anti-bribery audits according to international standards and the standards set by the local legislators. 

World Food Safety Council

World Food Safety Council (WFSC) is the keystone for risk assessment and accreditation in the field of food safety. WFSC’s Scientific Committee and Panels deliver scientific advice in the areas of food safety. Within its remit, WFSC also assesses environmental safety. A growing part of the Authority’s work relates to the safety assessment of regulated products, substances and claims submitted for authorisation. WFSC’s Scientific Panels are composed and accreditation process of highly qualified, independent scientific experts with a thorough knowledge of risk assessment. All members are appointed through an open selection procedure on the basis of proven scientific excellence. The Scientific Committee and the Scientific Panels are supported by WFSC staff from three scientific directorates. WFSC monitors and analyses information and data on biological hazards, chemical contaminants, food consumption and emerging risks. These areas of work are carried out by WFSC’s scientific units supported by working groups and networks. The Authority also supports the development of risk assessment approaches. 

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